QBlade Code Structure

The QBlade code structure is strongly connected with the very successful XFOIL / XFLR5 projects. Even though the development teams are not affiliated in any way, there is a strong connection between these projects. XFOIL was developed and released under a GPL license by Mark Drela at MIT in the 80s and has been maintained and improved ever since. It is such a high performing airfoil simulation code that it has been established as the wind energy industry standard till date. 

XFLR5 started as a wrap-up GUI for XFOIL and has ever since been hugely expanded by a large community of contributors, mostly model aircraft enthusiasts. XFLR5 was released also under GPL license and QBlade initially started as a "fork" of XFLR5. We all realized that for both academic purposes and industrial preliminary blade design purposes it is necessary to have an efficient environment where airfoil designs, blade designs and performance parameters can be quickly modified. Simulations and post processing should also be highly coupled in the cut-and-try process in order to allow students and engineers to better understand and improve their designs. 

For this reason an extensive GUI was generated, based upon the general concept of XFLR5. During the last 4 years of development of QBlade that GUI has been enhanced, optimized and considerably expanded. The core idea of QBlade however remains unchanged and that is to give the use the abilty to efficiently develop conceptual designs, simulate them and compare them within one software platform. 

The QBlade Team